Diplomatic and consular missions of Morocco :
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     Morocco's Representations Abroad :
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has many representations abroad, namely diplomatic missions (embassies and permanent missions) and consular posts.

The main mission of Embassies, whose number is 84 around the world, is to maintain Morocco’s relations at the diplomatic and political levels and promote economic, cultural and scientific cooperation with the countries of accreditation.

As for Consulates General, 53 in number, their mission is to ensure the protection of the interests of both Morocco and Moroccans living abroad, and to provide them with consular services, namely the electronic ID card, passports, booklets of civil status, “adularias” acts, as well as visas and appropriate documents for foreigners wishing to go to Morocco. Moreover, Consulates General are working, within the framework of their respective consular districts, on strengthening and promoting the trade and the economic relations of the Kingdom.

The Permanent Missions, on the other hand, act as interlocutor of Morocco with international organizations, namely the United Nations in New York, the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva, UNESCO in Paris and the European Union in Brussels.

For further information on the representations of the Kingdom of Morocco, please see the list above.