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Talks with Mauritania’s Minister of Interior and Decentralization
Rabat 10.13.2014

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar, held, on Monday, Oct. 13th, 2014, in Rabat, talks with the Mauritanian Minister of Interior and Decentralization, Mr. Mohamed Ould Ahmed Salem Ould Mohamed Rare, who is currently paying a working visit to Morocco, heading a high-level delegation.

During the meeting, both sides discussed relations between Morocco and Mauritania and ways and means of consolidating them in the various fields of common interest. They also discussed the security situation in the region, namely the development of the situation in Libya and the Sahel-Saharan zone.

 In this regard, the two ministers stressed the need to thwart the security risks in the region, through strengthening coordination and dialogue between the two countries. Cultic

 Furthermore, they indicated that the security approach is not sufficient, in itself, to overcome the dangers of fundamentalism and terrorism, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach that includes both development and religious cooperation.

 Both officials welcomed, in this context, the historic relations as well as the cultural and spiritual heritage shared by Morocco and Mauritania, and stressed the common nature of their societies, characterized by tolerance and the rejection of violence, which will contribute certainly to the unification of efforts and harmonization of positions, in order to consolidate relations between the two countries.