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Communiqué on the Security Council Resolution 2285 related to the issue of Moroccan Sahara
Rabat 04.29.2016
The Kingdom of Morocco takes note of the adopted resolution, today, by the United Nations Security Council, regarding the issue of Moroccan Sahara.

This resolution reaffirms the parameters of the political solution, as defined by the Security Council since 2004 and clarified, in operational terms, in 2007. As such , the resolution  constitutes a major setback to the scams of the UN Secretary General, particularly those carried out during his visit and those included in his latest report. These scams were carried out to degrade the parameters of the political solution, to resurrect outdated options and introduce un-recognized elements by the Security Council.

The kingdom of Morocco, who responded on time to the blunders of the visit of the Secretary General, expressed, through an official letter, its reservations on the report upon its publication, and its full rejection of certain assertions contained in the document.

In the same line, the Security Council resolution confirms the MINURSO mandate as it has evolved in recent years, taking into consideration subsequent developments in the issue.  As such, the Council conflicts with all attempts to change the mandate of the MINURSO, its extension to missions that were not agreed upon and foreign intervention as to the nature of its purpose.

It is in the context of this renewed mandate that the resolution calls for the full functionality of the MINURSO.

In this regard, the Kingdom of Morocco will continue, in full compliance with the decisions it has undertaken, dialogue in order to reach an exit from the crisis which will allow for the mitigation of the serious blunders of the Secretary General during his visit in the region, and the guarantee of the proper functioning of the MINURSO,  mainly in its fundamental mission of surveillance of the ceaze fire and in demining the buffer zone east to the defence establishment.

The Kingdom of Morocco extends its thanks to the members, permament and non-permanent, of the Security Council, as well as to the brotherly Arab countries, that have acted with care and responsibility in a constructive and friendly spirit, to achieve the adoption of a resolution that enables the serene pursuit of the UN action in this case.

The Kingdom of Morocco regrets, however, that the Security Council member that had the responsibility of the formulation and presentation of the first draft resolution, has introduced pressure, constraint and weakening elements that go against the partnership spirit binding it with the Kingdom of Morocco.

In this regard, His Majesty the King, May God Assist Him, has denounced, in his important Speech during the Morocco-GCC Summit in Riyadh, on 20 April 2016, the levers of inspiration, action and objectives that constitute hostile environments to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and act for regional destabilisation.

The Kingdom of Morocco, strengthened by its rights, national unity and the solidity of its internat front, will continue, in good faith and with determination, its implication in the process of political settelment of this regional artificial dispute.

The Kingdom of Morocco will remain committed to regional and international peace and stability, while keeping vigilant in facing any blunder or attempt to undermine its legitimate superior interests.


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