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Meeting of Foreign Ministers of Deauville Partnership member countries
New-York 09.25.2014

The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Ms Mbarka Blouaida participated, on Thursday, September 25th, 2014, in New York, in the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Deauville Partnership member countries, held on the sidelines of the 69th session of UN General Assembly.

In her speech on the occasion, the Minister Delegate welcomed the initiative of holding the meeting by the German Presidency of the partnership, which reflects the will to preserve the momentum of the Partnership and to revitalize it, through concrete projects in the benefit of the concerned Arab countries.

The Minister Delegate added that the meeting is a continuation of the vision adopted by the three previous Presidencies, and will provide an updating on the progress of the Partnership and will set new horizons, while keeping in mind the specific needs of the concerned countries.

Emphasizing that Morocco has a specific interest in this initiative, Ms. Bouaida highlighted the Kingdom’s active contribution to the work initiated, in this regard. She also emphasised the need for the Partnership to ensure its sustainability, by hoisting its ambitions to the appropriate levels, in order to overcome the current and future challenges.

The Minister Delegate stressed that the Partnership would have to ensure the mobilization of efforts for the achievement of the desired objectives, through a mechanism of follow up and evaluation of results. In this respect, the Minister Delegate focused on the dimensions considered to be important by Morocco, including the achievement of ambitious projects with targeted goals, strengthening regional economic integration, especially at the level of the Maghreb Arab Union, which provides the appropriate framework for an economic integration that would lead to an inclusive growth in the region, and finally continuing efforts to encourage and mobilize foreign investors to invest in the region, given the multiple potentialities that are offered.


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