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Foundations of Morocco-UN relations: Sincere commitment for Universal ideals.

Since its Independence and adherence to the United Nations Organization in November 1956, the Kingdom of Morocco committed itself to broadly contribute to the achievement of UN central Objectives.

It is within this spirit and in conformity with the UN Charter provisions that Morocco works for the achievement of this Organization’s objectives through mediations, effective participation in peace keeping operations, political dialogue, measures of cooperation for development, or through the enhancement of human rights.

The guidelines of the Kingdom’s foreign policy are in line with the principles established by the UN’s founders, whose ambition was to develop an Organization that confirms the primacy of international law.

In fact, since its independence, Morocco has led an active diplomacy within the United Nations, for conflicts resolution in the world. Concerning the Middle East conflict, Morocco whose King His Majesty Mohammed VI presides over Alqods Committee, has supported a multilateral mediation, in order to give the Organization a central role in the resolution of conflicts, in the whole region.

In the same way, the Kingdom is one of the very few African countries to have participated, since about half a century, in peace keeping operations in all continents. The Moroccan specificity is due to Morocco’s participation alongside major actors in the field peace keeping.

Therefore, Morocco is the only Arab and African country which has participated in NATO and EU operations, mandated by UN Security Council.

Morocco’s actions in this field rely on three fundamental principles:

Morocco’s participation has always been within the framework of UN missions, approved by the main UN bodies.

Each intervention is based, namely, on the respect of the States’ territorial integrity, the sovereign equality of States and the consent of the concerned parties.

More frequent integration of a strong humanitarian dimension as was the case in Somalia, Kosovo and Bosnia.

Aware of the extreme importance of UN legal framework for the universal promotion and protection of Human Rights, the Kingdom of Morocco has ratified almost all international conventions in this regard, and has regularly presented its national reports on the respect of its obligations, as a member state.

Africa represents the privileged area of action for Moroccan diplomacy in its tasks of mediation within the United Nations. These tasks have been implemented, as a priority, in the close neighborhood of the Kingdom, namely in West Africa.

In this respect, Morocco has worked for the consolidation of relations of solidarity between Nations, North-South and South-South, in order to implement recommendations of the important UN conferences relating to the Millennium Development Goals.

Accordingly, the Kingdom has constantly supported the efforts aiming at rehabilitating the UN role, in order to overcome all the 21st century challenges, making its functioning more efficient to fulfill the aspirations of the peoples of the world, and defending the principles of international legality.

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