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Morocco and Arab countries

Relations with Arab countries have a great importance in the Kingdom’s foreign policy. Due, in fact, to its belonging to the Arabo-muslim world, Morocco enjoys and consolidates the links anchored and deeply rooted in this space.

Morocco is a major actor in the regional organizations existing in the arabo-muslim space. In this respect, Morocco avails itself of all opportunities to reaffirm strongly its willingness and eagerness to participate actively in reforming the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab Maghreb Union.

At the political level, the Kingdom of Morocco pays a particular attention to relations with the Arab countries, with a view of reaching a greater cohesion within the different regional and international Organizations.

The continuous efforts of the Moroccan diplomacy converge, in this respect, in favor of the Arab Nation’s just causes, namely the right of the Palestinian people to establish their own independent viable and sovereign State, with Al Quds Asharif as its capital, the support of the efforts and initiatives contributing to insuring peace and security in Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia, the respect of the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of States.

In line with the high instructions of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, concerning the promotion and the consolidation of bilateral relations with the Arab countries, Morocco strengthens the aspects of the bilateral cooperation with Arab countries, on the basis of the revitalization of the different mechanisms of cooperation and the implementation of the decisions, programs and recommendations emanating from these mechanisms.

The Kingdom of Morocco also works actively for deepening dialogue, consultation and political coordination with its Arab partners on different international questions of common interest.

Dialogue and consultation are undertaken, through the exchange of visits by high level Moroccan officials and their Arab counterparts, particularly regarding issues related to the development of bilateral cooperation, within an international context marked with political and economic transformations.

This effort is strengthened by the work achieved through joint commissions, follow-up and coordination committees, the different mechanisms of dialogue and consultation and the joint think-tanks, set up to give a new impetus to the nontraditional mechanisms of cooperation and to define the strategic sectors.

At the economic level and in line with the High Royal instructions, Morocco avails itself of all opportunities to further strengthen this sector that represents the corner stone of any Arab joint action, as proved by the Free Trade Agreements signed between Morocco and some Arab countries and the “Agadir Agreement”, concluded in 2001, between Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan. These Agreements confirm the regional integration principle as being the sine qua non for setting up relations between the two parts of the Mediterranean.

Considering the important contribution of the private sector in revitalizing the economic relations, Morocco encourages representatives of this sector to take part in the different bilateral meetings and the joint commissions held with the Arab countries.

Besides this, the support given by certain brotherly Arab countries to the development efforts launched by Morocco is done through the constant participation of these countries in the realization of the huge infrastructure and social development projects, either through Development Funds and Financial Institutions or via the private sector.

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