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Communiqué: Morocco expresses its astonishment at the EU Court judgement on EU-Morocco agricultural agreement
Rabat 12.11.2015

The Kingdom of Morocco has come to know about the European Union court judgment on the action brought against the agreement between Morocco and the European Union on reciprocal liberalization measures in agricultural products, processed agricultural products and fishery products, adopted on March 8th, 2012.

Despite the fact that this decision concerns only the European Union Council, and calls, in no way, into question the agricultural agreement between the Kingdom of Morocco and the European Union, the Kingdom expresses its astonishment at this decision on a protocol which, like all the signed bilateral agreements, complies with international legality.

The Kingdom of Morocco legitimately questions the relevance of maintaining the contractual structure that both parties have managed to build up over many years, in the political, economic human and security fields, in a spirit of partnership and respect for internationally recognized values.

Morocco expects that the European Union takes the appropriate internal measures to find a final solution to this procedure, being its exclusive responsibility, within the framework of respect.   

Morocco will follow vigilantly the course of a judicial incident having a strong political connotation and will take, if necessary, the appropriate action.

We remain confident in the solidity of the legal agreements concluded with the European Union and in the capacity of the competant bodies of the European Union Council to ensure that the rules of law prevail over any other political consideration.  

Lastly, Morocco reiterates its constant commitment to fulfil its commitments vis-à-vis the European Union, in serenity, mutual trust and in the framework of international legality.