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Morocco in the Mediterranean Region

The Mediterranean region represents for Morocco a strategic space ant one of important cooperation with its Euro-Mediterranean neighbours. In this respect, Morocco’s Mediterranean policy has always been based on cooperation, good neighbourliness and support for any action meant to strengthen rapprochement between Mediterranean countries. Morocco’s Mediterranean engagement is also palpable through trade exchanges, human movements and a common rich cultural heritage.

Morocco’s active participation in many regional Institutions and forums namely, the Union For the Mediterranean, the Mediterranean Forum, 5+5 Dialogue and Barcelona Process, is a proof of its commitment to contribute to the enrichment of its Euro-Mediterranean environment.

Accordingly, Morocco backed and adhered to Barcelona Process since its launching in 1995. The main objective being the creation of a space of peace, security, stability and prosperity.

In the same way, Morocco participated actively in deepening the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership through a lot of initiatives and actions of cooperation namely, Barcelona Summit in 2005, celebrating the 10th anniversary of this partnership.

Being fully convinced that the Euro-Mediterranean Space should be highly exploited for the consolidation of relations between the two shores of the Mediterranean, Morocco backed the creation of the “Union For the Mediterranean”, since the launching of this project by the Former French President Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy.

At the sub-regional level, Morocco pleads for the reinforcement of the 5+5 Western Mediterranean Dialogue. Morocco, therefore, participated actively in the Summits of the aforesaid Dialogue.

The conclusion of an Association Euro-Mediterranean Agreement with the European Union, Morocco’s commitment in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy, the Advanced Status as well as the holding of Morocco-EU Summit, the first held by the European Union with a country of the region, are all Morocco’s guarantees in favour of a better cooperation with its Euro-Mediterranean neighbours.