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Asian States

Morocco’s relations with the countries of this region, second economic partner of our country, are being strengthened constantly in different fields. The Royal visits to the region (China, India, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia) and those of Heads of States and Governments paid to Morocco (China, Pakistan, Vietnam and Malaysia) are clear signals of the Kingdom’s determination to give a new dimension to its relations with this region.

Technical cooperation with certain countries of the region consists substantially of organizing trainings, in many fields, in favour of public and semi-public sector technicians and executives.

This kind of cooperation is an old one with certain countries such as Japan. In fact, within the framework of its cooperation program with Morocco, the Japanese Agency of International Cooperation (JICA), present in Morocco for over 40 forty years, has enabled more than one thousand Moroccan technicians and executives to benefit from trainings and seminars organized in Japan.

The other countries concerned with such kind of cooperation are mainly China, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Pakistan and Indonesia.