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Asian Regional Organizations

In a context of globalization, multiple challenges and strong regional blocs’ building, the Asian continent, distinguished by an increasing attractiveness, proves itself as a major actor of the 21st century, through the coming out of many emerging powers in the international arena.

Incited by the significant tendency of the political and economic evolution, characterizing international relations and being rich of their potentials, Asian countries have been involved in the process of reinforcing the role of regional organizations.

This process accomplished, through the activation of dialogue, understanding and coordination instruments, aims at bringing about a space of stability and development, uniting synergies at the bilateral and multilateral levels, regarding projects and initiatives, which go beyond the Asian space, thus allowing the set up of a new architecture of international relations.

It is in this spirit that this dynamic which characterizes the development process of Asian regional organizations, represents a rich and instructive experience for the Kingdom of Morocco which has made of the consolidation and the expansion of its cooperation relations with these regional organizations, a strategic choice.

This strategic choice, stemming from a shared vision, is backed by common values and principles such as dialogue, openness, solidarity and the respect of unity and territorial integrity of States.

Accordingly, Morocco is a partner for development within “Asian Cooperation Dialogue” since 2008 and became, in 2012, member of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia. In the same way, Morocco appointed, in 2010, an Ambassador to the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Besides this, Morocco is member of many other cooperation forums such as Tokyo International Conference for African Development (TICAD), China/Africa Forum, China/Aran Countries, New Africa-Asia Strategic Partnership (NAASP), South Korea/Africa, Japan/Arab Countries Economic Forum, Asia-Middle East Dialogue (AMED) and Arab League/ Island States of the Pacific Forum.