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Press Release on the holding of the 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Marrakech
Rabat 10.13.2014

The 5th Global Entrepreneurship Summit will take place, as scheduled, from 19th to 21st November, 2014, in Marrakech.

With a view to the holding of this important international meeting, a series of preparatory meetings have been held, both at the Strategic Committee level and at the various ad-hoc committees level, with the participation of various government departments, private sector and stakeholders, dedicated to the different organizational, logistic and media aspects, to ensure the success of this event.

The event will take place in the form of plenary sessions, round tables, and related events, around a rich and varied program focused on several themes namely, regional integration, sustainable economic growth, social Innovation for youth, human development and migration.

The inaugural session of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 5th edition will be held on November 20th in the morning and will be dedicated to special speeches of Morocco, the United States of America and international officials representing Heads of State, Heads of Government and Ministers, who will be accompanied by delegations of entrepreneurs from their respective countries.

The summit will focus on innovation as driver of the development of entrepreneurship, creativity, employment promotion and the valorisation of human capital.

Discussions will further focus on innovative solutions relating to the restructuring of the informal sector and the opportunities offered by knowledge sectors, especially Information and Communication Technologies.  

The Summit 5th edition will also put forward an "Innovation African village" that will allow young African entrepreneurs to promote their projects and share innovative solutions concerning various topics, with the aim of encouraging dialogue, the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking.

The registration of participants and media representatives is open on the website dedicated to the summit via the address: www.gesmarrakech2014.org


  The Minister Mr. Bourita receives a Delegation from the US Congress
  Talks with the Chairman of the Coordinating Committee for the Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations of Guatemala
  Morocco-Brazil Political Consultations
  Mr. Bourita meets with the United States Marine Corps General
  Communiqué: Morocco Welcomes Sahara Provisions in 2017 US Appropriations Bill
  Talks with a Chilean parliamentary delegation
  Communiqué: Restoration of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Cuba
  Communiqué: The Kingdom of Morocco follows with great concern the internal situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  Mr. Bourita Receives a US Senator
  The new Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala presented a copy of his credentials
  Mr. Bourita holds talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica
  Jamaica withdraws its recognition of the self-proclaimed "sadr"
  The new Ambassadors of the Republic of Argentina and the Republic of Paraguay hand over copies of their credentials
  Communiqué following the adoption of the US Congress Bill " Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act”
  Morocco welcomes the signing of the peace agreement between the Colombian Government and the FARC
  Meeting with the Chairman of the Senate of Paraguay
  Meeting with US Special Envoy for Climate Change
  Ms. Bouaida takes part in the first joint ministerial meeting of anti -EI countries of the international coalition
  Meeting with the US Deputy Secretary of State
  Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
  Talks with the Minister of External Relations of the Republic of El Salvador
  First Meeting of political consultations between Morocco and El Salvador
  Talks with a parliamentary delegation from Panama
  Talks with Deputy Director General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
  Opening of the Third Morocco-US Business Development Conference
  His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid Takes Part in Washington in the Opening Plenary of the 4th Nuclear Security Summit
  Joint statement on the contributions of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) and enhance nuclear security
  Talks with a Central American parliamentary delegation
  Talks with the Vice-Minister of External Affairs of the Dominican Republic
  Mr. Mezouar holds talks with his Brazilian counterpart