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Activities of The Minister Delagate to the Minister of Foreigns Affairs and Cooperation in the US-Africa Summit
Washington 08.06.2014
The Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mrs. Mbarka Bouaida, took part in several meetings in the margins of US-Africa Summit, held in Washington, from August 4 to 6, 2014.

In this context, Mrs. Mbarka Bouaida participated in a roundtable on funding opportunities for infrastructure, jointly organized by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC).

During this meeting, participants were invited to share their experiences with opportunities as well as challenges related to financing the infrastructure.

The Minister Delegate took the opportunity to highlight the success of MCC in Morocco, a success that is mainly based on three ways approaches:  reforms, targeting and participatory approach. Indeed, the positive results which Morocco endorsed, were arising major reforms, initiated well in advance and were accompanied by an identification and precise targeting of sectors and projects of importance for the country, while favoring a participatory approach.

Mrs. Mbarka Bouaida has also participated in the Forum on Civil Society event whose purpose was to discuss and share various experiences in this field, and in an informal and interactive setting.

She has also taken part in a lunch discussion on "Women, Peace and Prosperity", organized by HE Ambassador Samantha Power, whose aim was to encourage the role of women in construction of peaceful and prosperous environment.

In addition, the Minister Delegate participated Tuesday, August 5, 2014, in a meeting on security in the Sahel-Maghreb organized by the State Department.

Speaking at the meeting, the Minister Delegate noted that several countries in the sahélo saharienne face destabilizing security threats, combined with acute economic and political challenges. These challenges threaten today state structures and societal foundations of these countries.

The Minister Delegate recalled the importance to define global solutions and answers, given the nature and the complex interweaving of certain destabilizing factors of geographical, political, economic, cultural, ethnic and religious.

Moreover, it has been emphasized that, given the global nature multidimensional, transnational and these challenges, the solutions can only be transnational, based on a collective, inclusive and supportive approach that involves both countries concerned, interested countries, sub-regional organizations and international partners throughout the international community. Mrs. Mbarka Bouaida called for the implementation of comprehensive, integrated and multidimensional combining security shutters, economic, political, cultural, and social and worship.

The Minister Delegate also noted the importance of territorial integrity for the consolidation of regional security since one impact on the other. In the same way, Mrs. Mbarka Bouaida called for the adoption of a common regional approach to carry out the fight against terrorism.

Mrs. Mbarka Bouaida stressed that Morocco stands ready to mobilize expertise and share its experience with African pairs to realize the ambitions of this new model of mutually beneficial South-South cooperation, involving public / private formulas and triangular cooperation with northern partners.

Furthermore Mrs. Bouaida gave an interview to the television channel CCTV, in which she emphasized the factors that Morocco has , including the stability and security, to drain significant foreign direct investment.

The Minister Delegate also noted that Morocco is the second largest investor in Africa, due to its geographical proximity and the needs expressed by Moroccan companies to invest more in the continent.

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