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Interview of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation with the American Magazine “Foreign Policy”
Washington 08.05.2014

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Mr. Salaheddine Mezouar gave an interview, on August 4th, in Washington, to the American magazine “Foreign Policy”.

During this interview, the Minister stated that Morocco was spared from “Arab Spring” protest movements, thanks to the audacious democratic and institutional reforms undertaken, the multiparty system which Morocco adopted since independence, in addition to the liberal aspect of its economy.

 Mr. Mezouar specified that Morocco got immunized against that movement due to its strong institutions, with at the top, the Royal Institution, which knew how to anticipate and undertake the changes by leading comprehensive farsighted and irreversible reforms.

 The Minister highlighted the changes and achievements, which are unique in the region during the last 15 years, undertaken by Morocco, under the reign of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, May God Assist Him, including the Family Code which stresses clearly the recognition of Women’s rights and the constitutionalization of parity between men and women, recalling the guarantees provided by the new Constitution in the fields of public and individual liberties, political reform and linguistic and cultural plurality.

Mr Mezouar specified that in contrast to Morocco’s case, some neighbouring countries have chosen the one-party system which gave birth to withdrawn dictators who ignore the dynamism of their societies and their claims for equality and democracy.

 Regarding the Arab World, Mr. Mezouar stated that the situation in Libya remains worrisome, affirming that Morocco spares no efforts for the re-establishment of stability in this country, the reconstruction of its institutions and the putting in place of dialogue mechanisms between all components in Libya.

The Minister recalled the assistance provided by Morocco to Libya namely, in terms of training security and military elites, specifying that Libyan Actors rely on Morocco and have trust in all Morocco’s initiatives aiming at restoring stability in Libya.

Concerning Tunisia, Mr Mezouar indicated that the recent Royal visit to this brotherly country represents a strong symbol of Morocco’s support to Tunisia, for the success of the transitional phase.

The situation in Palestine and Syria was also raised during this interview, in addition to the religious conflict and the terrorist threat by ISIL for the whole region.

Furthermore, the Minister affirmed Morocco’s condemnation of the Israeli attack having targeted Gaza Strip, underlining, in this respect, His Majesty the King’s efforts for the protection of the Palestinian people, the pushing forward of the peace process and the creation of an independent Palestinian State with Al Qods as its capital.   

He also underlined that the Israeli aggression against Gaza and the current standoff of the peace process are to increase tensions in the Middle East as well as threats of extremism and terrorism in the whole region.

As far as the USA - Africa Summit is concerned, Mr Mezouar stated that Morocco expects from this conclave to support development in Africa as a promising continent, to create an atmosphere of trust that would attract investments and to enhance the bases of stability and development in the continent.  

The Minister underlined that Morocco, given its strong attachment to its continent, works for the construction of a new prosperous Africa capable of overcoming the 21st century challenges and upgrading its potential, under South - South partnership, underlining that terrorism threats namely in the Sahel region are reinforced by vulnerability of certain African countries.


In this context, Mr Mezouar indicated that the initiative of His Majesty the King and President Obama aims at supporting stability and security in Africa through the promotion of military and security cooperation as well as economic development, insisting on the key role of the Moroccan private sector in the field of investment in Africa, namely in priority sectors such as telecommunication, energy, trade, banking, housing and food security.


Regarding the Americano-Moroccan relations, the Minister stated that these links are more than two centuries old and that they have witnessed a new impetus and new prospects since the Royal visit paid last November to the United States of America and the putting in place of new mechanisms namely the signing of the free trade agreement, the strategic partnership and the partnership under the Millennium Challenge Program.


In this respect, the Minister affirmed that trust between the two countries is reflected in their exceptional strategic partnership, the convergence of their viewpoints at the level of the political dialogue and the common vision of the two Heads of States concerning African questions, underlining, in this context, Morocco’s holding of the 5th session of Entrepreneurship World Summit in 2015.               



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