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At the geographical level, Morocco is the nearest Arab country to the American continent. Hence, it continues to develop vis-à-vis this region a proximity policy implemented through the presence of many diplomatic and honorary consular representations.

Morocco gives a particular attention to the consolidation of its relations with Latino American countries. Besides the common history, Morocco has a population of more than five millions who speak Spanish language.

The most obvious indication of Morocco’s proximity policy is undoubtedly the historic trip which His Majesty the King Mohammed VI made, in November/December 2004, in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chilli and Argentina. These Royal visits gave a new impetus to these relations, as they allowed the re-launching of Morocco’s cooperation with all these countries.

The frequency of exchange of visits between Morocco and these countries (Government members, parliamentarians, and business people) proves the strength as well as the quality of these relations.

At the institutional and judicial levels, Morocco has created Joint Commissions with many Latino-American countries.

Like most of Latino-American countries, Morocco is confronted to intricate social problems and the importance of the social projects advocated by His Majesty the King, since his enthronement, is that they constitute the relevant and pragmatic answer to such problems.

On the other hand, the importance given by Morocco to this part of the World could be seen in Morocco’s role in the holding of the first South America-Arab countries Summit in May 2005, in Brasilia and in its involvement in the different forums that took place in the aftermath.

That is to say that Morocco’s relations with Latino-American countries are strong and intense and that a lot of opportunities are still to be explored.

While implementing its foreign policy, the Kingdom of Morocco works hard to further strengthen its links of cooperation with all countries of South America and to stretch this cooperation to the Caribbean.

The Kingdom aspires to build genuine bridges with this region in order to consolidate the economic, technical and cultural exchanges between the two shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Like Morocco, the Caribbean countries are part of a highly strategic region and are located at the crossroad of the biggest maritime roads.

These countries’ political importance in the United Nations Organization is undeniable and their influence within the ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific) is considerable.

Despite geographical remoteness, Morocco gives a great importance to this region. The signing, in 1999, in Panama City, of an Association Agreement with the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and the participation of Moroccan troops, along with Spanish soldiers, in the Peace Keeping Operation in Haiti, prove the high level of Morocco’s partnership and solidarity, in favour of its friendly countries, in this part of the World.

Triggered by a desire to set up real and profound political consultations, on a regular basis, at the bilateral level or in the framework of CARICOM (Caribbean Community), Morocco is ready to share its experience and know-how in the various fields of interest for the Caribbean countries.

  The Minister Mr. Bourita receives a Delegation from the US Congress
  Talks with the Chairman of the Coordinating Committee for the Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations of Guatemala
  Morocco-Brazil Political Consultations
  Mr. Bourita meets with the United States Marine Corps General
  Communiqué: Morocco Welcomes Sahara Provisions in 2017 US Appropriations Bill
  Talks with a Chilean parliamentary delegation
  Communiqué: Restoration of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Cuba
  Communiqué: The Kingdom of Morocco follows with great concern the internal situation in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  Mr. Bourita Receives a US Senator
  The new Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala presented a copy of his credentials
  Mr. Bourita holds talks with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica
  Jamaica withdraws its recognition of the self-proclaimed "sadr"
  The new Ambassadors of the Republic of Argentina and the Republic of Paraguay hand over copies of their credentials
  Communiqué following the adoption of the US Congress Bill " Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act”
  Morocco welcomes the signing of the peace agreement between the Colombian Government and the FARC
  Meeting with the Chairman of the Senate of Paraguay
  Meeting with US Special Envoy for Climate Change
  Ms. Bouaida takes part in the first joint ministerial meeting of anti -EI countries of the international coalition
  Meeting with the US Deputy Secretary of State
  Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
  Talks with the Minister of External Relations of the Republic of El Salvador
  First Meeting of political consultations between Morocco and El Salvador
  Talks with a parliamentary delegation from Panama
  Talks with Deputy Director General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM)
  Opening of the Third Morocco-US Business Development Conference
  His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid Takes Part in Washington in the Opening Plenary of the 4th Nuclear Security Summit
  Joint statement on the contributions of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) and enhance nuclear security
  Talks with a Central American parliamentary delegation
  Talks with the Vice-Minister of External Affairs of the Dominican Republic
  Mr. Mezouar holds talks with his Brazilian counterpart