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Talks with the Angolan Minister of Foreign Affairs
Rabat 06.19.2017
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr. Nasser Bourita, held talks on Monday 19 June 2017 in Rabat, with his Angolan counterpart, Mr. Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti.

This visit falls within the framework of the reinforcement of bilateral relations with African countries. The meeting provided an opportunity for the two countries to express their common will for a strong bilateral cooperation in accordance with the orientations of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, so that Morocco opens up to new regions in Africa, particularly in the Southern part of Africa.

It also provided an opportunity for both parties to express their shared willingness to work in a pragmatic way for the reinforcement of bilateral cooperation, and to develop relations in the fields of agriculture, Tourism and vocational training.

For his part, Mr. Bourita stressed that Morocco and Angola are two poles of stability in Africa. They play a stabilizing role in their respective regions, noting that, within the African Union, both countries will have an important role to play in contributing to stability and peace in Africa.

Recalling Morocco's efforts towards a peaceful resolution to the Sahara conflict, Mr. Bourita noted that Morocco was determined to open up to all regions of Africa and was reaching out to all African countries to share, explain and build a common future.

Mr. Bourita also stated that it was agreed to hold the meeting of the Moroccan-Angolan bilateral joint committee next year, which will be an opportunity to give a strong impetus to bilateral cooperation and prepare for other important deadlines.

The Head of the Angolan Diplomacy, Mr. Pinto Chikoti, seized the opportunity to welcome Morocco's contribution to the struggle for the independence of his country and the efforts made by the Kingdom in the service of peace in Africa and the rest of the world.

On another note, Mr. Pinto Chikoti underlined that the return of Morocco to its African Institutional family marked a new phase of relations with African countries, which for a very long time held a different point of view.

Furthermore, he stressed that his country remains ready to contribute with the Kingdom, within the framework of their bilateral relationship and within the framework of the AU, to the strengthening of peace and security in Africa and in the world.

Referring to the issue of the Sahara, the head of the Angolan diplomacy stressed that his country supports a solution to this dispute within the framework of the UN.

The meeting was also marked by the signing of two cooperation agreements on the abolition of visas for diplomatic passports and political consultations.

The agreement on the abolition of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic passports will allow faster exchange, regularity and fluidity of exchanges between officials of both countries, as well as quicker scheduling of visits. The second political consultation agreement is an important instrument for structuring political dialogue between the two countries, and will also allow exchanges and coordination between the diplomats of the two countries on various bilateral and multilateral issues in the service of common interests, but also in the service of peace and stability in the world.


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