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The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI)

The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation (AMCI) was established in 1986. It represents a versatile and efficient implementation tool of the policy of cooperation outlined by the Moroccan government within the framework of South-South cooperation. 

The AMCI is responsible for the implementation of this policy in its bilateral and tripartite types while placing the human element as a main focus of its development strategy.

The involvement of the Agency is based on the following priorities: Training of managers, technical cooperation, economic and financial cooperation and humanitarian involvement.

Management training

The new guidelines of the Kingdom's foreign policy have given a fresh and strong momentum to the bilateral cooperation regarding the training of African professionals in public institutions of technical, vocational and higher education. This activity conducted by the AMCI is the one which gave the most visible results and enduring action from Morocco towards its African partners.

It should be noted that the Kingdom has become a choice destination for a growing number of foreign students, particularly from Africa, wishing to continue their studies and in various fields.

Pursuant to the 2008-2009 academic year, the Moroccan public establishments of training hosted 7,046 students from 41 African countries, including 6,668 fellows.

Moreover, the Agency attaches particular importance to extra-curricular activities and organizes various sports, social and cultural events. The Agency provides support to the implementation of more than forty initiatives undertaken by organizations of African students.

However, the main event remains the cultural and athletic week and the summer hosting operation organized annually in Rabat, during the spring and summer vacation, by the Confederation of African Students and Trainees in Morocco (CESAM), sponsored by the Agency.

Technical Cooperation  

The technical cooperation in bilateral version comes within the framework of agreements signed with certain countries, or as part of a tripartite agreement involving Morocco with donor countries with international organizations or multilateral funders.

Indeed, trilateral cooperation has many advantages and allows, through the participation of international lenders, to benefit the countries of the south with the Moroccan know-how and expertise which is valued in Africa.

The Morocco’s offer of cooperation takes different forms:

Long, intermediate and short-term training, onsite training in the recipient countries, training sessions in Morocco, advanced training courses, study tours, the dispatching of experts , joint programs etc…

The technical assistance brought by Morocco is a means of promoting the Moroccan skills and opportunities in a wide range of areas where Morocco is credited with an acknowledged and appreciated expertise at regional, continental and international levels.

As of today, Morocco registers a strong foreign demand, especially in Africa, seeking the expertise of Moroccan professionals in the fields of health, agriculture, water, fisheries, maritime infrastructure, justice etc....

Thus, more than 600 internships and information visits have been organized since 2001 as training courses for short and intermediate durations in about twenty administrative, technical and vocational areas.

In addition, for several years, Morocco registers a particular interest for in African countries Moroccan missions of expertise, particularly with respect to the conducting of technical studies, in design of infrastructures as well as for social, services and productive areas.

Over 250 expert missions have been carried out since 2001. However, given the claims registered of great potentials remain open to Morocco in this field.

With regards to Tripartite cooperation, more than 900 African executives have attended internships in Morocco, since 2000, in key sectors particularly those relating to safe drinking water, Maritime Fisheries, the merchant marine, space technology, Customs and road maintenance and health involving Morocco with the donor countries and / or international organizations.

Economic and financial Cooperation

The economic and financial cooperation occupies a growing portion of the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation’s (AMCI) activities because of the large number and the diversity of activities entrusted to it.

The involvement of the AMCI aims to support development projects in sub-Saharan Africa. In this perspective, the AMCI gives priority to income-generating projects having a direct impact on the socioeconomic development.

A Special attention is also placed on focused areas that fit as part of the national development programs established by partner countries. The AMCI is increasingly solicited to carry out development projects for the benefit of particularly countries in Africa.

This type of activity has an undeniable added value in the socio-economic development in partner countries. It is therefore the main objective of the financial cooperation programs set by the Agency.