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Mr Mezouar: Powerful groupings inconceivable with fanciful entities
Asilah 08.08.2014

Making progress towards setting up powerful regional groupings is inconceivable with fanciful and illegal entities which do not meet any political condition of a nation-state, said on Friday, minister of Foreign affairs and cooperation Salaheddine Mezouar. 

"This kind of grouping will never be successful," stressed Mezouar in a speech read on his behalf by the secretary general of the ministry Nasser Bourita during the inaugural symposium of the 29th edition of Al-Mouatamid Ibn Abbad University in Asilah. 

"How can such unions manage to preserve their credibility while including separatist groups closely linked to terrorism and organized crime", wondered the minister during this symposium held under the theme "Nation States and Regional Unions in the Countries of the South".

How can these unions take responsible and serious decisions in the presence of fictitious entities in clear-cut inconsistency with international legitimacy? How can they successfully set up partnerships with other groupings and countries while they have among them entities not even recognized by other member states, Mezouar went on to wonder. 

He stressed that the existence of such entities in the regional unions is likely to stand as an obstacle to development efforts and regional integration; these chimerical elements do not share the same concerns as the nation-states in terms of preserving security, progress and development.

To overcome the current challenges, the Minister added, it is important to divide powers between the State and the structures of regional unions, in such a way as to give them balance and efficiency, confirm the principle of subsidiarity and offer flexible regulatory mechanisms of competences between the two parties. The logic of cooperation between strong and responsible Nation-states is the prelude to a successful regional integration, he has argued.

For Mr. Mezouar, "this approach requires divesting approaches and unilateral economic policies that shape, alas, relations in the Maghreb region, as it was well expressed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI when He said" The Maghreb region shouldn’t miss its rendezvous with history, nor should our Union remain outside the logic of time (..) deluded the one who thinks that a State may, on its own , overcome the problems related to security and stability, "stressed the Sovereign.

The Minister also praised the theme chosen for this conference, given the problems that occur in the world and have connections with the changes in the concept of "Nation-State."

The emergence of new actors (regional and international organizations and civil society), he has noted, is dictated particularly by considerations related to the dynamics of globalization, namely "ultra-national constraints" that threaten the very institutions of countries.

The Minister pointed out that if the new challenges lead the nation state to lose some of its prerogatives, especially in the southern countries, the fact remains that this same State not only remains a guarantor of stability and security at the regional and international levels, but also a lever for the preservation of identity.

The Kingdom, by acting as a deeply rooted nation whose monarchy is the backbone and the pledge of unity and stability, represents an eloquent illustration of the changing paradigm of the nation-state, said the Minister.

In the same way, Mezouar stressed that the Kingdom has shown its ability to renew its structures, develop its systems, protect its invariables and strengthen fellowship among its components with common promising prospects for the population.

Likewise, Morocco has successfully met the challenges of national identity by ensuring the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity, thanks to the increasing efficiency of the reforms, particularly in relation to territorial governance, as exemplified by the advanced regionalization and the Moroccan autonomy plan in the southern provinces.

With its constant capacity to renew its institutions, the Moroccan government has played a leading role both regionally and internationally, and has set itself as an actor acting for international peace and stability and the achievement of sustainable development, he explained.

The Kingdom is also positioned as important partner and as a player in building regional cooperation in coordination with the countries of the South especially.

"In a world where no country can tackle, on its own, cross-border challenges, such as terrorism and organized crime in all forms, getting itself into regional unions is now a necessary and inescapable perspective, as long as that is a claim of economic, political and popular actors, "he has said.

On the other hand, the Minister emphasized that the importance of regional unions has increased, especially in the southern countries, places of several pioneer experiments of integration.

"In Africa, we can only but welcome the level of integration achieved by the Economic Community of West African States which is, rightly, a distinguished model of common action in several areas "said the Minister. 

He also added that the Community of Sahel and Sahara, because of its geographic location and the number of its member States (28), could represent an efficient instrument, in a region facing security and political challenges.

The Association of South East Asian Nations reflects a successful integration at the level of Southern Nations, its members being able to set up a union based on a conciliation between the strength of Nation-State and new concepts of regional complementarity.

"Another example which reveals too much is that of the integration process of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which had the merit of strengthening bonds between countries of the region and consolidating cooperation between the members of the same family, "concluded Mr. Mezouar.

This two-day conference is being attended by prominent politicians, thinkers, researchers and academicians coming namely from Senegal, Bahrain, Tunisia and Niger.

 The 29th session of Al-Mouatamid Ibn Abbad Summer University comes under the 36th Asilah International Festival.




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