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The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Mr Salaheddine Mezouar made, on November 7th 2013, a presentation before the Commission of Foreign Affairs, National Defence, Islamic Affairs and Moroccans abroad, of the House of Representatives, within the framework of the discussion of the budget project destined for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation.

During his presentation, the Minister underlined that Morocco will continue adhering to the UN efforts, to reach a final political solution to the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, while insisting on the realist and serious aspects of Morocco’s proposal of Autonomy, as a basis of this solution.

In this regard, Mr. Mezouar called upon all parties, mainly Algeria, to adhere to the UN efforts, given its responsibility in the artificial conflict on the Moroccan Sahara. He also indicated that efforts will be further intensified, through effective initiatives at the national and international levels, to persuade all countries of the world of the Moroccan position’s pertinence and of the separatists’ baseless thesis.

The Minister pointed out that Morocco will continue raising the International Community’s awareness on the role played by the national Institutions, including the National Council of Human Rights through its regional commissions in the southern provinces, and the Economic Social and Environmental Council, on the major steps taken by he Kingdom in the field of the regional development of the South and on the setting up of mechanisms of good governance in the perspective of the implementation of the Advanced Regionalization.

He added that Morocco is working to “reveal the recurrent attempts of the enemies of Morocco’s territorial integrity, who resort to the wicked instrumentalization of the Human rights issue, in the Southern provinces”, reaffirming, in this respect, “the Kingdom’s commitment in favour of the consecration of individual and collective freedoms as well as its indestructible attachment to the promotion of human rights, in their universal dimension, as a strategic choice, in consolidation of the gains achieved by Morocco in this field”.

Owing to His Majesty the King’s fundamental role and the National unanimity, a lot of achievements have been accomplished, in the last years, regarding the defence of Morocco’s national cause, inter alia, the Security Council’s adoption of many resolutions on the Moroccan Sahara, backing the negotiation process as being the unique way to solve this artificial conflict and emphasizing the pre-eminence of Morocco’s autonomy plan, while calling upon the other parties to get seriously involved in negotiations and to show a spirit of compromise and realism, pointed out the Minister.

The Minister reminded the various calls made by the UN Security Council for the census of the population in Tinduf camps, as a measure to ensure the sequestered people’s protection and as an urgent necessity, given the security challenges which the region is confronted to. The current challenges require more efforts, vigilance and mobilization.

Furthermore, the Minister underlined that Morocco will buckle down to strengthen its economic and cultural diplomacy, with the objective of reaffirming its presence in the international arena, emphasizing, at the same time, that in order to implement Morocco’s economic diplomacy that aims at attracting more foreign investments, increasing the volume of trade exchanges and taking benefit of the opportunities to be presented, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation will adapt its programs to the economic developments achieved in the national and international arenas.

He indicated, in this respect, that the Ministry will continue coordinating with the different actors of the Moroccan economic diplomacy, in the field of the promotion of opportunities offered by the Kingdom to foreign investors and Moroccans abroad, through providing the Diplomatic and Consular Missions with all the data related the national sectorial strategies.

He added that it will also be a question of putting forward the economic reforms undertaken by Morocco, particularly those related to the business sphere, the measures meant to encourage investments and the achievement in the field of infrastructure and to show the advantages of the free trade agreements already signed and those to be negotiated with other countries. Besides this, Morocco will be promoted abroad, as a platform of investment and export towards African and Mediterranean countries.

In the same way, the Minister considered it necessary that the Diplomatic and Consular Missions should assist public departments and professional associations, with the objective of reinforcing the presence of Morocco’s national products in the International Expositions, developing exports and encouraging the establishment of partnerships between Moroccan actors and their foreign counterparts, while ensuring, in parallel, the promotion of Expositions organized in Morocco and favouring participation in the international economic Expositions and Forums.

Mr. Mezouar pointed out that the cultural action has a crucial importance, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, especially that this area is an efficient means, for the defence of the high interests of the country, namely the issue of the territorial integrity, the promotion of the national civilizational heritage, with a particular emphasis on the aspects of the Moroccan identity based on the principles of moderation, openness and solidarity with peoples.

The Diplomatic action will focus on the promotion of the rich Moroccan pattern, through making aware of the political, social and economic reforms, launched by the Kingdom, since many years back, and which have allowed Morocco to impose itself as a model of stability in, a regional context characterized by swift changes, said the Minister.

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